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Novitalis centers its belief system on bending the curve of resource scarcity and the shift towards a circular economy.

current business models, being predominantly linear, involve the extraction of natural resources to make products that are used for a limited period of time, before being discarded as waste (take-make-dispose). These models yield two fundamental problems: the acceleration of environmental degradation and the shortage of resources due to ongoing consumption.

in contrast to the take-make-waste model, a circular economy is an alternative economic model that involves decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources.

a circular model means using resources efficiently and prioritising renewable inputs, maximising a product’s usage and lifetime in order to extract the maximum value, and recovering and reusing by-products and waste to make new materials or products.

it is about responsibly managing the flow of renewable resources and the stock of finite materials. A circular economy regenerates ecosystems to better support health and well-being of both our planet and people. 

the sustainability shift is the key selection pressure for today's business models. Companies that will not react to this change will inevitable select out. In order stay competitive or even survive, companies need to act now to change the way we do business and make a pivot to circularity. Businesses that manage to radically innovate to create new business models will create a sustained competitive advantage. 

at Novitalis we support companies, utilizing our green technologies, experience in capabilities and strategy setting, in their journey to modernize, stay relevant & better position themselves for a sustainable future.

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